Marblehead Yacht & Beach Club

Our goal is to provide our members and their families with the quality services and facilities which would greatly enhance their enjoyment of our Lake Erie vacationland environment. Our hope is to create an atmosphere
in which every member feels special. To do this requires dedication and attention to all of your needs. Our crew is dedicated to be up to the challenge.

Marblehead Yacht and Beach Club is located within the Harbor Bay Waterfront Community. Our location provides virtually unobstructed and easy access to and from Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie or alternately, through the new Marbledhead Channel. This centralized location is perfect for that pleasant cruise or convenient drive to and from almost anywhere in the area.

The Club's marina facilities provide that both special and transient dockage
is available for our members. Our club side boardwalk and deck allow our members to stroll and visit on summer evenings. Our new pool and Club House are popular attractions on sizzling afternoons.

[ Private beach available for wedding ceremonies ]
call for details 419-266-7378

Marblehead Yacht and Beach Club
membership and fee schedule

The Marblehead Yacht and Beach Club was established in 2008 as an alternative to the busy high-season traffic that most establishments experience on and around Marblehead during the vacation season. It is a private and friendly place where our members can enjoy a variety of choices, in the company of family and friends, in a casual yet sophisticated setting.

Our members can enjoy a variety of features at the club and in the surrounding area including:

  • Over 300 feet of sandy beach
  • Over 150 boat slip marina
  • Our Patio outdoor dining area
  • Clubhouse and swimming pool
  • Outside deck
  • Members only boat ramp
  • Minutes from Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie
  • Cruise to Cedar Point
  • Cruise to Put-In-Bay or Kelley’s Island
  • Great fishing


2010 fee schedule:

Initiation fee schedule

Initiation fee – one time                     $795

Initiation fee adults – one time           $375
(21-29 years old)

Initiation fee – one time                     $375
(Children of members all ages)

Annual Dues

Annual dues                                     $790
(30+ years old)

Annual dues                                     $375
(21-29 years old)

Should fees change over time, the percentage of reduction for younger members would still apply.

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Marblehead Yacht & Beach Club is Managed by Prephan Enterprises.